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PAX Rising Showcase 2022 Round-up

12 cool games to have on your radar

PAX East 2022 may have taken place all the way back in April, but we still have a few bits and pieces left to talk about from our time in Boston. Namely: the 12 indie games included as part of the event's PAX Rising Showcase, a booth that's been a fixture of PAX for over a decade that allows developers to show off their upcoming projects to those attending the show.

As you'd expect, Katharine and I were keen to try out this year's selection for ourselves, gravitating towards the booth whenever we had a spare moment. What we found were 12 unique titles that ranged from heavy metal deckbuilding roguelites to cyberpunk samurai sidescrollers. No matter your interests, there was something here for everyone to enjoy.

In the video above we run through every game included as part of this year's showcase, letting you know why each of these upcoming releases deserves to be on your radar.

The games featured in this video are:

Another huge thank you to those subscribed to our supporter program. We couldn't have created our RPS@PAX content without your support. Seeing as it's been a few months since we attended the show, we've started to release some of these previously supporter exclusive videos to the general public. If you're interested in seeing what kind of videos you get access to if you become a supporter, you can check out a rundown of our favourite booths from the show floor as well as a deep dive into PAX's Pinny Arcade community.

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