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Immortals of Aveum is EA's new magic-slinging FPS, out next year

It's being headed by Dead Space creative director Bret Robbins

At this year's Game Awards, we got to see a short teaser trailer for the latest game to come under EA's Originals label. It's called Immortals of Aveum, and it's being made by the recently-formed Ascendant Studios - which you might remember is Dead Space creative director Bret Robbins' new thing. Details about the first-person magic shoot 'em up are slim, but the trailer shows off some flashy magical spells and a fantasy city in crisis. You can watch the teaser reveal below.

This magic-slinging FPS is being headed up by Robbins, who said in a statement, "I founded Ascendant Studios to make original and epic games, and here we are, four years later, about to finish our first one.

"What started as a crazy, exciting idea has grown into a crazy, exciting triple-A game. I chose EA as our publishing partner because we know they’ll help Immortals of Aveum reach the biggest audience possible."

The statement goes on to big up the rest of the talent on the development team, but the trailer itself gives us very little to work with. Half of it's spent showing some cogs and big machines whirring into place, and it looks like the player will have an intriguing-looking gauntlet, too. The last third shows an almighty battle taking place in the world outside the temple of cogs and whirring machines, with laser beams, giant monsters and chaps running round with axes screaming at each other. Still, some pretty effects, no doubt about that.

Like I said, details are sparse right now, so there's no release date for Immortals of Aveum, but Ascendant Studios says that it'll release sometime in 2023.

For more of the latest news and trailers, check out our Game Awards 2022 hub. We also live-blogged the show as it happened right here.

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