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Best Minecraft Bedrock seeds in 1.18 for Xbox, Windows 10, and Mobile

The very best Minecraft Bedrock seeds out there

Looking for the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds for 1.18? Bedrock may not be the original version of Minecraft, but it's certainly got a lot going for it. Faster load times, crossplay across all platforms - and, of course, a near-infinite array of fantastic seeds that you'll never be able to explore in any other version of Minecraft.

Below we'll walk you through 10 of the best seeds we've found for Minecraft Bedrock, showcasing some of the Caves And Cliffs update's magnificent new terrain generation across a wide range of vistas, landscapes, and levels of challenge.

These are the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds for Xbox, Win10, and Mobile:

If you're playing Minecraft on Xbox, Mobile, the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, or pretty much any other device, then you're running Minecraft Bedrock, and these seeds are for you. Previously known as Minecraft Pocket Edition (or PE), Bedrock is designed to be faster in almost every way than the original Java Edition, and built for crossplay between all possible Minecraft-running platforms.

To use a seed to create a new world in Minecraft Bedrock, here's what to do:

From the main menu, click Play, then Create New, and then Create New World. Halfway down on the right-hand side of the screen you'll see an input box labelled Seed. Type your chosen seed into this box before clicking Create to start the new world generating.

Note: if you're playing on Java, be sure to check out our separate guide on the best Minecraft seeds for Java 1.18!

Minecraft seed parity: are seeds the same between Bedrock and Java?

As of Minecraft 1.18, there is partial seed parity between Bedrock and Java Editions. What this means is:

If a seed is between the range -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647, then the world will be identical between Java and Bedrock (apart from structure placement).

But if the seed number is outside this range, then the two versions of Minecraft will generate completely different worlds from one another.

Why that number in particular? Well, it's to do with the fact that Minecraft Bedrock still uses 32-bit integers for its seeds, whereas Java uses 64-bit integers. A 32-bit integer has a lower limit of -2,147,483,648 and an upper limit of 2,147,483,647, so if you type in any number outside this range as a seed in Bedrock, then the game will change the seed number so that it is within this range again.

Best Minecraft Bedrock seeds

A mountain range of snow and ice in a Minecraft Bedrock world.
Icy Mountains | Seed: -1283120822

Icy Mountains

This circular mountain range of ice and snow is the perfect foundation on which to build a magnificent Minecraft castle. Filled with pockets that lead underground into cave systems, and surrounded by jungles and forests of all shapes and sizes, there's an awful lot to explore with this Bedrock seed.

Seed: -1283120822

A rolling Minecraft landscape with plains on the left, forest on the right, and tall snowy mountains in the background.
Easy Diamonds | Seed: -1414064807

Easy Diamonds

If you can tear your eyes away from the fabulous mountain range in the distance, then you'll find what's below ground in this seed more than matches what's above it. You'll spawn next to an opening in the ground which instantly leads down into a monumental, biomes-large cave system, dripping with dripstone and delving all the way down to the optimum level for finding Diamonds in Minecraft.

Seed: -1414064807

A top-down view of a Badlands biome in Minecraft Bedrock, with the entrance to a ravine in the foreground below.
Mesa and Lush Caves | Seed: 1917813112

Mesa and Lush Caves

Mesa biomes (or Badlands biomes as they're now called) have always been a favourite of mine. If you agree, you'll love this starting seed, which plops you right next to a wooded badlands biome that gives you easy access to starting wood. Also - see that split in the ground in the screenshot above? Head down there, and you'll find one of the most amazing Lush Caves I've seen so far in Minecraft 1.18.

Seed: 1917813112

A Minecraft Bedrock landscape with desert and river in the foreground and badlands in the distance.
Villages and Pyramids Everywhere | Seed: 661979563

Villages and Pyramids Everywhere

Take a look at the above screenshot. How many NPC structures can you see? If the answer is less than 5, then look closer. That's right, this desert and badlands seed is an absolute godsend when it comes to early Village and Desert Pyramid spawns. You certainly won't be lacking for early food and gold, that's for sure!

Seed: 661979563

A Minecraft Bedrock plains biome, with a cave entrance in the foreground.
Easy Plains Spawn | Seed: 1817024869

Easy Plains Spawn

If you're looking for a quick start in a new Bedrock world, then you could do far worse than this pleasant Plains seed. There's plenty of wood and other basic materials on the surface - not to mention lots of flat land on which to build your first Minecraft house. But you also begin your journey looking straight into the mouth of a cave system, with plenty of early Iron Ore to kickstart your armour and tool progression.

Seed: 1817024869

An interesting coastal rock formation in a Minecraft Bedrock world, held up by a single tiny strand of stone.
Swamps & Rock Formations | Seed: -1759273619

Swamps & Rock Formations

Part of the charm of Minecraft's terrain generation has always been the random quirks and oddities that appear in certain places - and it seems as though 1.18 has its share of those as well. This Bedrock seed spawns you on the edge of a sprawling, pockmarked Swamp - a biome that is set to receive a fair bit of attention in Minecraft 1.19 - but the most eye-catching feature of this seed is definitely the nearly-floating rock formation on the coast next to you. It's also a useful feature for a starting seed, as you'll find various pieces of coal and iron ore readily exposed for mining within these rocks.

Seed: -1759273619

A Minecraft Bedrock landscape of savanna hills and rivers.
Savanna Hills | Seed: 1111132940

Savanna Hills

Minecraft 1.18's terrain generation didn't just add gigantic lofty mountains to its worlds. It affected the terrain of every biome - and you can see the evidence in this wonderful savanna-covered Bedrock seed. The hills are much taller than you'd find in 1.17, and the slopes are more gradual. Look at the way the rivers carve through the world, leaving sheer cliffs and interesting geographical features. This is a wonderful place to start a new Minecraft adventure.

Seed: 1111132940

A large icy mountain rises out of a forest landscape in a Minecraft Bedrock world.
Mountains and Mansions | Seed: 2033516050

Mountains and Mansions

You might spawn in this Minecraft world looking straight into an oak leaf block, but turn around and you'll see why I'm recommending it: a colossal mountain of ice and snow dominates the landscape, with more peaks in the distance beyond it. There's also a mansion hidden in the forest next to the mountain, which you can easily repurpose for a grandiose initial home.

Seed: 2033516050

A forest-covered Minecraft Bedrock landscape, with Jungle on the left, birch forest on the right, and mountains in the background.
Forest & Jungle | Seed: -350445892

Forest & Jungle

Tree-lovers, this seed is for you. Forest and Jungles stretch up to the horizon in every direction, giving you easy access to every type and colour of wood that you can imagine. Perfect for architects who want to create a magnificent new Minecraft build in survival mode. And that's not all: follow the river and you'll come across some splendid-looking mountains - the result of Minecraft 1.18's shiny new terrain generation system.

Seed: -350445892

A large island surrounded by ocean in a Minecraft Bedrock world.
Large Island Spawn | Seed: -29563485

Large Island Spawn

There's something to be said about a world that doesn't stretch on forever. The infinite landscapes of Minecraft are incredible, of course, but if you long for a few natural boundaries, then you might enjoy this island seed. It's far from a survival island; as you can see, it's a fairly massive island containing several biomes and plenty of resources. And other bits of land aren't too far away if you want to explore further. But for those who enjoy the sorts of self-contained areas you might find on various Minecraft adventure maps or Minecraft PvP servers, you might like to try your hand at conquering this island.

Seed: -29563485

So there you have it! All the very best Minecraft Bedrock seeds that we've found in our time playing. If you need some help making your new Minecraft adventure your own, why not take a look at our list of the very best Minecraft Bedrock texture packs? Alternatively you can take a look at our list of the very best Minecraft shaders.

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