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Apocalyptic FPS Meet Your Maker will have you raiding and defending forts in 2023

It’s the new game from the Dead By Daylight devs

Freshly announced looter-shooter Meet Your Maker lets you tear the post-apocalypse down with extreme prejudice - but you’ll have to build up your own walls first. It combines building futuristic fortresses with raiding them for life-giving genetic material, either solo or in two-player online co-op. Revealed during today’s Behaviour Beyond stream, Meet Your Maker is the next game from the devs behind survival horror Dead By Daylight. Check on how the post-apocalypse is faring in the trailer below.

Meet Your Maker is a chunky-looking combination of base-building and FPS raiding.

Never sure entirely how I feel about basing a whole game around user-created content, but that’s the basis of Meet Your Maker. Players build forts, then set traps and shove in some tricked-out guards to stop anyone trying to raid them. Other players can rate your base like some kind of Loyd Grossman of the Apocalypse, so be sure to make it nice and deadly. If you get bored of setting up home in the wasteland then there’s the other half of the game to embark on: raiding.

Raids are for finding genetic material for your ward, a being called The Chimera. They’re meant to be the saviour of life, after the apocalypse has laid waste to everything except bad-ass forts and angry monster-people. Blasting guards and defeating traps in other players’ forts drops building materials and rare parts for your own base, so there’s a good reason to put down your carpet samples and head off for a raid. Don’t worry if someone succeeds in raiding your fort though, because Behaviour insist that your progress and resources won’t be lost.

I don’t mind the look of Meet Your Maker. It seems… chunky. The trailer lends it a bit of that satisfying Doom (2016) thwackiness and, good grief, there’s a hookshot. I spotted some interesting looking forts too, including one shaped like the head of a giant creepy clown. Creative director Ash Pannell also said that Meet Your Maker will be supported with seasonal content updates. Behaviour have been continuously updating Dead By Daylight for six years now, so it’s a reasonably safe bet they’ll have plenty of updates lined up after the game launches next year.

Meet Your Maker heads into closed testing from August 23rd, but you should be able to get your hands on it in 2023 on Steam, and current and last-gen consoles. If you fancy giving the closed beta a whirl then you’ll need to head over to the official site here to sign up.

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